What was that?

I've always been a closet competitor.  If it is something you have not heard of, it is when someone is competitive yet does not show it.  I guess with that I just put more pressure on myself.  It comes out every once in a while but I have learned to control it over the last... Continue Reading →

Never to Late to Learn

I'm getting ready for another Foo Fighters concert.  The band has ment so much to me in my life from my teenage years to now. I'll share this concert with my niece and nephew...I can not wait.  That is not what this writing is about this about learning. I titled this blog Never To Late... Continue Reading →

What’s going on?

Hello my readers I know it has been awhile since I last wrote and I apologize.  As summer has come to an end I have taken a break from traveling and get to enjoy the hunt of fulltime work.  With that going on I have thought of how will I keep this blog exciting for... Continue Reading →

I’m going to Kansas City

Spend a Day in KC Life is a great fucking journey and with that we meet gret people.  Sometimes our schedules are limited so when a window is open we need to take the chance and say what is up.  I did that with my trip to KC this past week and it turned out... Continue Reading →

Boston Day 3

Let's Get some History in A Monday after the Foo Fighters concert, the hangover wasn't much, I did sleep through my alarm and missed my checkout time.  So yes the concert was a success but being this would be my last day in Boston I knew I had to take in some sites besides coffee... Continue Reading →

Boston Day 2

Intro Well I like good beer, music and conversation.  I also like rocking like no other, pushing my limits and enjoying the fuck out of life.  Boston Day Two brought all of that.  This is where Paul yelled about red coats and a nation began to be built.  Hell if I would not have some... Continue Reading →

Boston Day One

Foo Fighters in Boston Weekend We have all had those conversations of who we would want to see in concert.  Almost a year ago I was having dinner with a friend who had just recently seen Tom Petty.  I remarked that I would see him next time, about twenty minutes later I got the news... Continue Reading →

Port Austin, Mi

Back at it I took about a week to recover from my trip around the northern portion of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.  I should have had my Sleeping Bear Dunes blog a little quicker, sorry for the delay.  This past weekend was another trip to a point I've never been.  The tip of the thumb in... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Trip over Living in Michigan again is pretty fucking awesome.  Doing it as an adult and getting lost doing what I want when I have free time is even better.  With the talking with people I get some great ideas of where to take a trip for a day or two.  I'm more of a... Continue Reading →

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