Mackinac Day

So I wander, I wander where I kind of do not have a clue on what I want to do when I get to where I’m getting.  My latest wander day took me to the most northern point in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Mackinaw City.

I had a desire to do this last week but I got on the road late and ended up in Frankenmuth instead.  That would not happen today.  I was on the road after topping of the gas tank around 11 am.  A four-hour drive was ahead and with the truck I had a tank that would get me roundtrip without stopping.

As I got to town I knew I did not want to cross the bridge.  I would have felt like I was teasing myself by not going west to the Keweenaw.  With the drive complete it was time to figure out what to enjoy. Being at the most northern point it was time to get some history on.

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse was right there.  Lighthouses are so fascinating and the Great Lakes are home of some of the most beautiful.

View from Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Tower

The tour up the tower was brief but the view was beautiful, just check the image above.  The grounds also are home of a barn that is transformed to a movie room, the warehouse host a shipwreck museum but to gain entrance is via the Fog Signal building.  The FSB is where you purchase tickets and gifts.  I was rushing around as I got some history in I now wanted to take in the fort.


What an epic time at the fort.  Taking my military history it is pretty cool to see the advancements in housing conditions in deployed locations.  I’m keeping this sort to hopefully entice you to take a vacation day and enjoy the views of Mackinaw.


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