Sleeping Bear Dunes

Trip over

Living in Michigan again is pretty fucking awesome.  Doing it as an adult and getting lost doing what I want when I have free time is even better.  With the talking with people I get some great ideas of where to take a trip for a day or two.  I’m more of a two day so I can pop the tent and enjoy a good fire.  One great human gave me the idea to take in Sleeping Bear Dunes (SBD) for a day.

As I explored the northern portion of Michigan’s mitten the Sleeping Bear Dunes is a must destination when in the Leelanau Peninsula.  Located on the west coast of the peninsula the dunes cover 35 miles of Lake Michigan coast line.  I must have gone bonkers taking photos and video of this great exploration.  Before I did that I made a stop at the visitors center

Visitor Center

If you are like me you tend to hit the visitor centers when going anywhere for the first time.  It is great to get information and what you should have brought, what you can experience and more importantly if you need to pay a fee you can do so there to get quicker access.  The SBD visitors center has all that, gifts, and a helpful staff that can answer any questions.

The volunteer was very informative about the hike and the drive around area for the various view points.  I can say I wasn’t to excited but time would tell.  So I paid my fee and got moving to the first park area I wanted to visit.

Pierce Stocking Scenic View

Ok I grew up in the great state and I thought the only thing there was to do at this national park was climb a dune. Life is good when you are wrong sometimes, this is one of them.  My first turnoff was to the multiple scenic views of Pierce Stocking.

With picnic areas I stopped and got some leftover camping food out to eat.  That stop did not give a view I wanted so I just ate and ensured I disposed of my trash properly.  For those that do not go much outside a city, yes these park have bear proof trash cans.  My second stop was pretty awesome.  You can tell by looking at the photos above it was the bottom right one.


Ok I posted it again for a more epic view.  How could you not just stand in awwwww of it, enjoy the breeze and the best part…help others not take selfies and get more of the view int he background.  I wont sidebar I’ll save my selfie and landmark photo blog for later.  However, I did meet an awesome couple with a great story and a good part about it was that we took each others photos nonselfie so that we could get the great background.  Be kind in travels if you see someone taking a selfie with an epic background take it for them, that is living in the moment.  The stops are all great.  The 9 and 10 had to be my favorite.  They are a two in one with a view that is to enjoy.  I am not writing to tell you how beautiful, it is a place for you to take in my words will not do it justice.

The Dune Climb

I made it to what I thought was the only section of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Luckly school was still in session so the crowed was not


as large as it would be during the summer days.  I looked at the climb thinking how I got this and the view would be epic from the top, I guess I forgot about the hike to the lake to get the real view.  As I reached the top of the climb my happiness turned to a wonderful WTF moment.

I did not wear the proper clothing to hike the 3 miles as the sun would beat down on me.  Shoes were off jeans rolled up I would attempt to make it as far as possible.  Water would have also been a good thing to have, yet planning was poor.  Excitement wasn’t however.

It is always best to make good of a situation and I was down for that.  a good laugh would be with one of the photos taken and shared below.  My sand angel was a great moment to play in the sand and act 38 months old and not years. img_2502.jpgThe look back was a great view and something I knew I had to do.  I would guess I made it half way but would have to attempt this hike another day later this summer or fall.  With that the visit came to an end and the trip home was due to commence.

A look back shot with many steps ahead


.  IMG_2504.HEIC



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