Port Austin, Mi

Back at it

I took about a week to recover from my trip around the northern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  I should have had my Sleeping Bear Dunes blog a little quicker, sorry for the delay.  This past weekend was another trip to a point I’ve never been.  The tip of the thumb in the mitten and a visit to Port Austin, Michigan.  Ok that was not the original plan, I was shooting for Turnip Rock but after a few conversations I passed to take in the small town.

Drive out

There is nothing I love more than taking a long drive in my Ford F150.  It is a 2009  and I’ve owned it for going on ten years.  We have been together to share memories in Italy and around the United States but I had nothing happen like what happen on the trip out. I was enjoying a dirt road on the drive and after I passed over some railroad tracks I had a rumble and thud occur from the rear.  I looked in the mirror and my spare tire was bouncing down a ditch.  Lucky no other vehicles where on the road.  I backed up and tossed the tire in the bed of the truck to continue on my trip.

Walking the Pier


The coastlines of Michigan are my favorite places to go and just listen to the waves crashing as I get to mellow the fuck out from life.  As I pulled into the boat loading area I noticed a pier that I thought would reach a light house in the distance.  Opps, I was wrong but the walk was great.

A light breeze off if Lake Huron was flowing, it kept the temperate mild.  Some kids rode their bikes, fishermen had their spots and families where taking pictures.  I just had a large smile enjoying the view and hearing the waves.  As I rounded a corner I was met with sadness, I would not reach the light house.  Still relaxation was going to occur.

The Bank 1884


After walking back to the truck I was a hungry guy.  I saw some spots on the way in and with the town not being so large I knew I would be able drive around before I found a for sure spot.  On most my trips I look for a brewery or distillery but neither of those were in Port Austin.  That narrowed the choice down easily to going to The Bank 1884.

Looking at the photo above I sat at the third table from the entrance outside.  What is more fun then dinning in an unfamiliar area and people watching?  I got my share of entertainment as I drank Founders All Day IPA’s writing my blog from Sleeping Bear Dunes.  With writing comes the appetite and steak tacos would start the meal.

As people watching came it was mostly with the two couples next to me and overhearing their craft beer conversation and the couple to my right that was walking their dog while getting in an early dinner. The beer conversation was great as one couple was from out of state and the locals told their M43 stories. Working in the beer industry if I don’t hear about M43 about 5 times a shift there is something wrong. Anyways back to the meal now.

Being the lone wolf of this wander I was overwhelmed with food.  I ordered the chicken something, I suck at taking notes and the website doesn’t help. With the chicken came half a loaf of bread and one of those salads every restaurant offers.  All were on point but I went childhood and ate everything leaving half the bread.  The meal was great Lexi provided awesome service.

The ride home was a basic straight shot down M53 or to the locals Van Dyke.  A stop in at Kuhnhenns Brewery was a gret way to top the night with some mead,cider and a New England IPA.  What it was a road trip I need to add a brewery into it.

I was able to meet more out of towners and give them ideas of where to do around Detroit.  If you are ever in my neighborhood feel free to drop a line and ask questions about where to do and what to do.



The Lone Wolf Wandering


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