Boston Day One

Foo Fighters in Boston Weekend

We have all had those conversations of who we would want to see in concert.  Almost a year ago I was having dinner with a friend who had just recently seen Tom Petty.  I remarked that I would see him next time, about twenty minutes later I got the news flash, Tom was no longer with us.  After the shock and my lack in life of going to concerts I told myself I’m going to see the fucking Foo Fighters.

I would look and see no shows in the greater Detroit area at the time so I had to find somewhere.  Being I also have a love for baseball they had shows booked in Boston and would play at the historical Fenway Park. Tickets bought and Spirit airline ticket purchased.  Now it was getting my ass to Boston.

Fenway Day

I got an early flight into Boston and my biggest worry was transportation.  Yeah that was not a worry.  I downloaded the Boston T app and from the airport to Fenway was a breeze. Getting off at the Kenmore station my eyes were not used to the sunlight of the day, I was up at 330.  The sky was beautiful and the journey over was to begin, just where the fuck was I going?

It was just a few steps to look of David Ortiz bridge and the historical landmark was waiting.


It was early around 1000 that I got to the park and took the long way around.  From statues of the legends to the banners the vibe of the ballpark was rubbing off on me.  Like most trips I don’t do much research, it adds some excitement like finding out a tour of Fenway only cost me $17.

Fenway Tour

With my $17 spent I had to take an hour to myself.  I teased myself looking at the J.D. Martinez jersey, oh great Tigers memories. I found the CVS to hydrate myself and took more photos. Once that was good to go it was time for the tour.

Anyone that knows baseball knows of the Green Monster, the famous 37 foot wall in left field.  What most do not know is the epic Fenway Farm.  This was a great site to take in.

Yes the tour gives a history of the Red Sox and the park.  In the over 100 years of it existence it has been upkept well and gret features added.  The seats on the Green Monster provide a view that have to be some of the best in baseball.  Fenway made me think of old Tiger Stadium and what could have been had the Tigers ownership spent more money to upkeep it. I love the older ballparks, still Wrigley is my favorite and that is the next week.

I can not wait to take the concert in but I am sure I will return for a baseball in a summer or two.  From the tour to exploring some more.  This post will be updated for the day as I’m still enjoying it.

Boston Beer Company

After checking into my AirBnB it was onto another adventure.  This time I would take in a brewery and the home of Samuel Adams beers, Boston Beer Company.  With  a free tour and getting some beer knowledge how could I pass up free beer and meeting awesome people.

An uber drive away, where I pooled to save on funds for the first time I arrived with about ten minutes to take in the lounge.  Banners from the rafters made the thought of Boston Gardens and the Celtics banners pass my mind.  These banners were for various beers that have won awards.

It was great to see the history of Samuel Adams beers growing over the 80’s and into current times.  With all those awards time would pass and the tour would kickoff.  Gar would be the guide and some gret information was passed on to myself and about 40 other people.

Besides all the awards on 10% of the beers brewed by the company is brewed in Boston, yes they have other sites.  Test batches are originals at the Boston brewery and tried out  in the tasting room.  My group and I were lucky to try a Rye Gose.  I’ve always enjoyed a good rye, however this wont be one I would purchase in large consumption. It would fit a 6 ounce pour and I would call it good.

So onto the tasting room.  Being that I mostly travel solo I met some great people along the tour.  When a lady wants to smell your hands after you rubbed hops in them you tend to cash that in for a seat at the table and sample some beers.  She talks and you pick up that irish accent yeah good times in the tasting room.  We sampled 3 beers and got to keep the glass.  A free tour and glasswear that’s awesome.



I did Fenway then made my way to Samuel Adams and to top it off Cheers my lovers.  As I wrote paragraphs back I do not plan trips I just make them happen.  I also use Uber, pick the wrong destination but get lucky and my driver knows where I want to go so he gets a great tip.  I went to the bar where everyone knows your name, Cheers!!!

Now when I went there noboday had a fucking clue to my name, I left with more thank yous becuse I  had an idea.  I took photos of couples, families just about any group of people so that when they shared the moment those viewing the photos wouldn’t be like… your fucking faces somewhere, guess we will take your word for it.

If you ever experienced a show of Cheers people chatted, not sure if they took photos of people but this dude does that.


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