Boston Day 2


Well I like good beer, music and conversation.  I also like rocking like no other, pushing my limits and enjoying the fuck out of life.  Boston Day Two brought all of that.  This is where Paul yelled about red coats and a nation began to be built.  Hell if I would not have some fucking fun.

Cheers Part 2

This is going to be long so get your coffee or drink of choice to start your day.  At the end of day one I got a message from an awesome human. Paths in life cross for reasons you and I do not know and again it happen.  So sidebar story


Kasper and I go back.  I took a lunch break from Wayne State, hit up midtown and got some pizza and beer from Motor City Brewing. As I drank my beer ate my pizza I looked over and at the time a stranger.  I asked where he was from and with his answer I asked what brought him to Detroit.  He visited about 4 cities in the United States and Detroit was the best for some odd reason of running into someone.  Facebook info was exchanged and life would go on.

That is the short story.  Now back to Boston

Cheers Part 2b

Kasper was in Boston, I had an extra ticket to the Foo Fighters…so we met at Cheers.  Unlike any movie sequel besides The Empire Strikes Back, this was a nice meet up.  I Ubered over and the day was rocking and rolling.

If you visit Cheers go up to the cast bar.  it has a Norm spot and you can enjoy the moment. It will not be what you see on the show, smaller bar, more light but who gives a shit you are at Cheers.  img_3090

Kasper got there ahead of me but we met up. We took in the upstairs room, street level room, I like windows.  We drank some and the prices are reasonable it’s Cheers they may not know your name


but they know why you came.  I drank my Yuenlings because of the Great Lakes states they miss the boat on Michigan….HoMES of 4/5.

As we ate and drank we met some great people.  Minnesota was well represented and Kim the school teacher of 10 year olds was an awesome woman to meet. Her blue eyes almost made me stutter saying fuck….I said fuck about 20 times, teachers do not like that because I used it only in adjective and she was quick to correct me in how to use it as a noun, verb and any other fucking way.  Well the preacher did not have anything on this.

Foo Fighters

Rain is a good thing…….well if you listen to Luke Bryant prior to 2012 you know rain is a good thing.  This writing is not about him it’s about the greatest rock band of the past 23 years.  The reason I went to Boston  and was going to enjoy the heck out of it.


If you do not follow my Instagram or SnapChat I did load up as much as I could so that my peoples could enjoy the moment as well.  Kasper and I got to the show around 6 pm.  After a stop at CVS to hydrate and an introduction to The Sandlot it was time for some music.  Dinosaur Jr was an opening act, a band that Kasper has wanted to see so it was pretty fucking magical for the man to get that in.

The Foo Fighters rocked Boston. Even when the rain fell they played.  If I had that one moment that was my favorite it was when they played The Sky is a Neighborhood.  THe song has a great story and to hear it live I just felt like it was pretty f’ing awesome.

Disappointment comes with myself.  I woke with my voice it was shocking but damn what a great show. I’m writing this blog as I recover and and wandered Boston today.  Being my flight is delayed I’ll have that blog up shortly.



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