Boston Day 3

Let’s Get some History in

A Monday after the Foo Fighters concert, the hangover wasn’t much, I did sleep through my alarm and missed my checkout time.  So yes the concert was a success but being this would be my last day in Boston I knew I had to take in some sites besides coffee shops, bars and liquor stores.

The Walk

I woke with a goal of 20K steps before I would call it a day.  I had my backpack with me, it was a little heavier with my bobbeheads.  The journey first stop would be Public Garden.  A nice stroll to unwind and attempt to wake up was much-needed.  People watching was a great thing to take in also while the ducks provided a great show.

Rain would come along as scattered showers were a constant both Sunday and Monday.  Great thing there are big trees around to cover.  After the rain let up it was coffee time, postcard sending and getting on the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail

I would head down Beacon Street walk into Boston Common and see the joy of people in Frog Pond. It was tempting but I wanted to get to Paul Reevers house.  I would walk out of the park on Park Street and jump on the trail from there.

Granary Burying Ground was the first exploration.  With the Founding Fathers of John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Robert Treat Paine this was a must stop.  King’s Chapel and Burying Grounds was another stop before I would get a late lunch.

Luke’s Lobster looked to be a good spot to get some seafood in my system.  An order of the trio would take care of the lobster, crab and shrimp servings as I passed through.  A greens salad was also much needed.  I got in as the


lunch time crowed was leaving.  Just tourist while I was there.  Around this time I got an email that my flight was delayed till 11pm, I got the email I didn’t read it until I got to the airport.

From Luke’s it was onto State Street and the old State House.

What a gret place to take in some history.  The site of the Boston Massacre, a place where the United States began to grow.  This is a must go to spot.  It was very kid friendly so they could get their learing on.  It had everything the adults would want to read and see.  img_3151

I would stay on the trail a little long after but the coast line was also calling and my next stop was Christopher Columbus Park.  It is always great to get around some water, feel a breeze and take a backpack off and just unwind for a few minutes.  img_3153

It was less crowded than the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  I would however make my way back to the marketplace to see what entertainment was going on.  From there it was on to the initial goal of Paul Reevers house.

The man who warned of the red coats coming I must say had a nice spot of land. How it looked in the 1700’s I don’t know but he was living pretty well.  The visit to the house was brief.  I had my bag with me and it was taking up space bumping into walls and other humans.  From there it was on to food again.

Oysters Up

I see food I eat it, I like sea food as well and being in Boston was about getting the freshest oysters I could get.  I wandered around the Italian neighborhood before I came to a bar that had a great setting, no one at the bar but the oysters that need to get in my belly.

I got two of each oyster offered at Rabia’s for a total of ten and a couple muscles because these muscles love muscles.  I would slurp these oysters down and they are the best I have ever had.  They were prepared in front of me.  The gentleman had to be around 70 cracking the shells he just smiled as my eyes got huge looking at them.  This was a great way to finish my trip to Boston, for now.

I would get my Uber from this point and get to the airport.  Greg was one of the best drivers.  Friendly and a great conversation.  Besides my driver to Cheers who had provided over 28K rides these guys made the visit even better.

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