I’m going to Kansas City

Spend a Day in KC

Life is a great fucking journey and with that we meet gret people.  Sometimes our schedules are limited so when a window is open we need to take the chance and say what is up.  I did that with my trip to KC this past week and it turned out to be a pretty cool one day trip.

My stay was at 816 Hotel. It is an up and coming hotel with the good thing of offering two free drinks with your stay.  One drink for me one for my friend and a good spot to meet new friends. So as my friend and I are sipping on our drinks, ok after I was given shit because I wanted to test my liver with a neat drink so I got coke mixed with it we meet Joe.  Like me Joe is in town for some fun and he likes baseball.

With $4 tickets for the baseball game between the Royals and Blue Jays it is a win, JOe drove.  Kauffman Stadium looked huge from the outside and I didn’t know what to expect once we got in.  Lucky it had my favorite trait of baseball stadiums, ability to walk around and get a good view of the game from anywhere but the bathroom.  The game was delayed 35 minutes due to recent rain, this gave for enough time to enjoy a cold one while walking around.  Neither of us were familiar with the stadium, Joe from Minnesota and my Michigan mind had no clue.

We got up to the craft beer section just prior to first pitch and first round was on me.  This isn’t a craft beer judgement form so we just sipped on them found a great view with those $4 and took some of the game in.  We also got some nachos to snack img_3353on as well. What a view , you can tell from the photo I took. A few inning spent with this view would only get better by walking around.

As we took in left field corn hole and other games were out for spectators to take in.  We took in some seats from just infront of the waterfalls, just a gret view and access to walk right over to right field were our purchased seats awaited us.

Photos were taken, chatter about what brought us to KC and beers were drank…more by me as Joe had to drive.  There was not a bad seat in the staduium, there was however a lot of empty ones.  It was like playing musical chairs just not having to worry about losing our seats.

We had a great time at the game and stadium.  I thought it was odd when we tipped the concession staffs some were in shock and appricated it, it kind of threw me for a loop.  Anyways we had a great night, chatted with ushers and random strangers all was good.  img_3356

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