Never to Late to Learn

I’m getting ready for another Foo Fighters concert.  The band has ment so much to me in my life from my teenage years to now. I’ll share this concert with my niece and nephew…I can not wait.  That is not what this writing is about this about learning.

I titled this blog Never To Late To Learn, why is learning put on a timeline, why can’t we just learn at our own pace?  I closed my business down last week…to be honest I see the beer market getting flooded with so much crap that I’ll wait for the bubble to burst.  I went out and picked up a guitar and began taking YouTube lessons.

It is a good start to try to get this down.  What drew me to her was the black body and the darkness I would love to share with music later down the road as I play and write songs with her.  Her name is Sinner because I know I have not lived a life of a Saint yet I try to improve myself every day.  I just want to sit next to a fire in the Summer of 2019 and sing along with friends, family and strangers.  Of course I have to get to holding down the pic correctly and not stringing so hard on the cords.  In time it will come.

As will the movement of the left hand to get these cords on point.  I would say it is fun playing but I’m sucking so much that I can’t give up yet.  I am however building a love for those that do this for a living….pure awesome man or woman.  Short sweet just checking in with you all read and write on.

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