It’s the day after one of my favorite, ok my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  It comes the fourth Thursday in November here in the States. Just relaxation, watching the Detroit Lions, spending the day with family and enjoying good food.  The enjoyment of food will last for days to come as leftovers are what are eaten till there are no more.  It is also a time to start reflecting back on what a year that just was and transitions will come to a new year less than 50 days away now.

It has been a great year and with the lessons of life my growth of feeling thankful continues to grow, even more now as I reflect. My love of baseball filled my summer, a desire to learn an instrument has taken my time of late and I enjoy every moment I can playing my guitar and learning a new chord.  I didn’t think I would do so much in the time because prior to all that I always played it safe.  For once I am not and I’m feeling a lot safer.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it I’ll continue my celebration


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