Whiskey Helps

In the past two months I have taken up a couple new things in life that I want to learn, playing the guitar and the enjoyment of tasting whiskey.  To learn more about whiskey I purchased Tasting Whiskey by Lew Bryson.  I’m still in the process of reading it but I have to share with you one thing I took away and it became a project perfect for the holiday season.

Lew points out that to enjoy the taste of whiskey one has to pass through The Wall.  The Wall is a task of drinking whiskey every day for a month.  When I read this it was early November and my crafty mind came into play.  How can I make this more enjoyable than just drinking whiskey every day for 30 days, I mean if I look at my collection of bottles I have 9 different bottles I can count for but I wanted more than 9 varieties.  So with the help of the loc

al liquor store and my favorite distillery I purchased 25 shooters.  I’m aware 25 is less than 30 but now my Advent Calendar for Christmas can roll on.


With this idea I am hoping to expand my knowledge of whiskey with the help of Jack, Jim, Motor City Gas, Knob Creek, and Bulleit to name a few.  Also a stop at the local Micheals helped with some craftiness.  The photo to the left was the layout idea.

With my love of the pattern plaid I had to find a sweet way to cover each bottle mix them up so that I wouldn’t just pick what I think I like more.  I wrapped them all up and mixed them up and over the countdown to Christmas I’ll be sipping a bottle taking notes and sharing them with you.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing.  It’s a great time for celebration best to you and yours.img_4156.jpg




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