Whiskey Advent Calander

Readers I hope all is well with your December and it is rolling along well.  I must say this Whiskey Advent Calendar is coming along pretty well.  The best part about it is that I’m still reading Tasting Whiskey bu Lew Bryson as I expand my knowledge of whiskey.  I have enjoyed the joys of craft beer, wine, mead but now I’m learing about whiskey with my advent calendar.

I just cracked my December 4 selection which came to be Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select.  I picked up a variety pack of Jack Daniels whiskies to build this calendar and it’s time to enjoy this sample.  I using a Glencairn glass I purchased on a visit to Great Lakes Distillery.  With the beautiful copper color my sniff gives me a mild woody aroma with notes of citrus fruits.  A simple orange smell floats by warming me up as I think to sitting on a beach with this little guy.  The feel is Tennessee smooth going down as I’m not tasting what my nose introduced me to, I’m getting a mild taste of spices but the wood comes trough stronger with this one then some others I’ve tried.

Now I’m not going to write notes for everyone I have.  Note that I write notes, if you take it as a review please know we are different people and that means a lot.  No trolling but if you have sipped on the same drink let me know what you got out of it, that’s cool stuff. Also this week I have enjoyed a Jim Beam, Knob Creek and Jim Beam Red Stag.  I’ll write every few samples and keep you listed on what I consumed.  Thank you for reading and give me some thoughts on whiskey and what someone should try as they adventure into new territory.

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