I didn’t want to go home

After a crappy night of rain and little sleep there was no way I was going to go home and end a trip on a sour note.  I'll end it sipping a sour beer with friends when I return however.  I took off to go UP north. Note it is UP north for Michigan's Upper... Continue Reading →

Alpena weekend

Hello my readers I hope your summer is off to a great start.  Being the week after Memorial Day I enjoy taking my trip somewhere after the holiday.  This year it brought to the town of Alpena, Michigan. It has been on my radar for over a year as I have taken a liking to... Continue Reading →

Mackinac Day

So I wander, I wander where I kind of do not have a clue on what I want to do when I get to where I'm getting.  My latest wander day took me to the most northern point in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, Mackinaw City. I had a desire to do this last week but I... Continue Reading →

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